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"We hired the open air photo booth/wall the white LOVE letters and the wooden bubble sign for our wedding in early April. The props literally made my pinterest wedding a reality and put our personalised stamp on the day. I can't recommend Bluebell Occasions enough. They're a creative team and their products are finished to a high professional standard, better then other companies I've seen previously or at wedding shows. Thank you!!!"

Mrs Abbie Bailey Smith

"I cannot thank @bluebelloccasions enough for the time and effort they put in to our wedding. I found wedding inspo online and found items that fitted my wedding theme, but didn't know where to start with making them myself. @bluebelloccasions took the time to design, create and decorate several things for our wedding taking the stress off myself and allowed me to hire their props. Everything we had for our wedding from @bluebelloccasions was finished to a high standard with professional quality. Our wedding day really had our stamp on it thanks to Bluebell Occasions!

Mrs Polly Holland 

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